SoftPro Medical Solutions provides the health care segment with IT solutions in the field of asset- and investment management

Medusa is an enterprise and asset management (EAM) software solution product produced by SoftPro Medical Solutions and specialized for hospitals or service providers working with hospital assets. Today more than 400 hospitals have find the benefits of the Medusa software, will your hospital be the next one?

Investment planning, asset reinvestment and request management have never been able to make more effective as when using our software solution PeRMit, it includes both making the process easier as well as make the right investment decisions in your organization.


IT's all about service, we bring you a IT-solution to support your service organization. Independent if you work with medical devices, IT or other areas within healthcare. Medusa is the solution for you to get full support from all aspects in the daily work.

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PeRMit is the ultimate software for investment management, it's support the process from the request to the purchase.

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SoftPro Medical Solution

SoftPro Medical Solution are a software company with focus on solutions for the healthcare segment. We have obtained a leading position with our enterprise and asset management software called Medusa

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