Our product Medusa helps service organization within the health care segment to manage asset management. The product was launched in 1999 and today more than 350 hospitals use it in daily work in the Nordic countries, UK and UAE.

About Medusa

Medusa has become the leading software for manage medical devices, IT equipment from all aspects from purchase to scrapping.

With it's full range of support for the process from a service requests in the customer portal through the service desk functionality to the organizations like medical engineering or IT. For these organization Medusa brings all necessary functionality needed in there daily use to maintain a high level of support and services for their customers.

Medusa has become very popular for it's functionality, user friendly interface and easy to use. Medusa is a web based and browser independent application based on a Microsoft .NET platform.

Medusa having a scalability in the number of organizations in the same solution but also through the used technology in the architecture and flexible interfaces to other applications. With different modules are we flexible to meet your business specific needs in a cost effective way.

SoftPro Medical Solutions could also provide both hosting and Software As Service solutions to give you easy access and no need of providing your own hosting enviorment.


Medusa is a flexible tool that adjusts to all the different roles within a department. This makes it easy to get an overview of tasks, helps the engineer/technician as well as the management in their daily work such as:

  • Responsibilities of equipment
  • Equipment to be maintained
  • Service requests
  • Documentation on equipment such as manuals etc.
  • Planning of preventative maintenance on personal level, group level and department level.
  • Time that has been accounted grouped on activities, projects, customers etc.
  • Administration such as invoicing, statistics, reporting etc